You maintain control of your webhosting and domain name. As the site owner use your admin account to assign a separate account for the developer that can be deleted when the work is done. Others working on the site can be assigned accounts with restricted privileges for editing.

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Buy or transfer domain name is an account setup option.

SiteGround Webhosting

SiteGround offers low introductory rates. Click here and setup a basic account.

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WPX Webhosting

WPX provides professionally managed cloud based (fast, high performance) web hosting, a premium product without the premium price. Newtonville Web Design uses WPX. Premium hosting pays for itself with performance, features and service. Select the entry level Business Plan. 

Save with annual payment. Renew on Black Friday for hosting that costs a couple hundred dollars for the year. You can run five websites with one account.

Forward a Copy of the Welcome Email

You’ll receive a Welcome Email upon completion of account setup. Forward a copy of the Welcome Email with your Username and Password. Once the login is received work on your website can begin.