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  • WordPress CMS (content management)
  • GeneratePress specialists
  • Landing pages
  • Maintenance
  • Content

WordPress gives you a dashboard enabled website that makes it possible for just about anyone to maintain their own site with a secure dashboard to add and edit content.

Quick Page Offer

The simplest, easiest site you can get.

Page Loading Speed

A webpage has to pop right up. After two seconds the user is clicking the back button. Great copy, an outstanding offer, every reason to buy now, but your site is bloated, forget about anyone hanging around for gratuitous features to load. A lightweight theme, fast hosting, and strict elimination of anything that slows your site down is mandatory for success.

  • Chop anything that bogs down page loading.
  • Don’t try to entertain visitors. Fix their problem.
  • Focus on excellent products and service.
  • Create compelling offers.
  • Track conversion.

Make the Phone Ring

Optimize your site for conversion and drive traffic to it. SEO is slow. PPC (ads) can be much faster, but costs money. Getting the site up and running guarantees nothing. Getting and converting traffic, often assumed, requires effort and know-how. We offer help with that.

Limited Availability

Peek behind the curtain to discover that Newtonville Web Design is one man with a laptop.

  • Complete orders received with copy & images, etc., can be live within days, assuming you’re responsive to required input / feedback.
  • Maintenance and minor tasks are prioritized for quick turnaround.

Basic computer skills will contribute to your project’s success. If your skills are a little bit light, no problem, extra patience is available 🙂

Work the Web

A website is like a car, and effective marketing is like fuel. You need both if you want to drive.

NWD Blog is provided to help you drive and convert traffic.

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