Cheap Little Websites

Ready in a Day or Two

A single page may be all you need. They find you on Google, social media or wherever, they know you’re the one, and hey! Problem solved.

Got a lot to say? Feel like explaining things right up front? Great! Span several pages, add a thousand words and images too, we’ll help you do what you gotta do.

Cheap Little Websites are built with WordPress, a free open source, dashboard enabled, content management system. Your site will reside in the cloud, on a server managed by a competent, affordable webhosting company, completely separate from your business and personal computers.


  • Programming skills are not required to create and manage content.
  • Themes and plugins make WordPress flexible and adaptable.
  • Features and functionality can be added as needed.

Because of WordPress popularity, competitively priced professional help is easy to acquire. And because WordPress is easy to use you may find you’re able to do what you need to do without anyone’s help.

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