Blog Post Speed Writing

How to write a blog post. Select a topic. Research the topic. Choose main points. Research main points. Add details and images.

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This is where I give away free advice. How-to topics about building a site and most importantly, promoting the site. Copywriting, PPC, SEO, everything about using the web to promote a small business with maps, local.

The Need for Speed

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Cheap Little Websites are simple and focused on speed. The sites have to load quickly, or you lose visitors. Nobody waits for a slow loading page. And who wants to wait for the phone to ring or email notifications that never arrive once the site is built? The sites might be cheap but they’re worth … Read more

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Build a fast loading website optimized for local SEO. The plan. Dump the Bloated Widgets and Page Builders Divi is a page builder that outputs bloated pages that load like boat anchors. Build Fast Loading Pages The process to build Cheap Little Websites has been revised from the bottom up to generate sites that load … Read more