How to Build Simple Web Sites for Search Traffic

Newtonville Web Design is a one-man digital marketing agency. The main client is ME!, and my primary objective is to Make Money Online (MMO). I want to teach you a simple DIY web design process using Google Sites and WordPress.

No Google, no website, no problem. If there’s a way to skip or put off building a website, even better. Speed matters, just get a gig running quickly then adjust for traction.

Not only will I teach how to get search engine traffic, I’ll show you how to make money by delivering the results that people are coming to your site to achieve. Whether it’s a need or a want, our goal is help people get what they want, would you agree? I’ll be using blogs and landing pages to pursue income targets with streamlined gigs.

Target: Make Money Online (today), Day One, Income Zero

My name is Mike Collins, ever-aspiring entrepreneur, web designer, blogger. This blog will detail simple website projects to promote niched products and services. This is Day One. Income is ZERO.

Targeted income is $300 a day working less than twenty hours a week for a total of $2,100 a week. The time target has the higher priority. I currently work part-time in a supermarket stocking groceries. At $400 a week the job can be released.

Portable eGig (PeG) Ideas

A list of ideas to go from Zero to $400 a week is under consideration. The plan is to select and launch a gig, adjust and evaluate to gain traction quickly, then add or drop PeGs along the way. In short order I’d like to have three projects producing automated cash flow.

PeG ideas include:

  • Web Design
  • AI SEO Content
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adsense Blogs
  • Info Products
  • Site Flipping
  • Copywriting
  • Fiverr
  • Ebay
  • FBA

An idea will be selected then announced as a gig. Progress reports will track the time and effort that goes into the project. Results and adjustments will be included in the reports. Today is Sunday 6/23/2023. I’d like to get the first PeG running by 7/8/2024 and have three PeGs up by 8/15/2024 with cashflow above $400 a week. I’m leaning toward Ebay, web design and writing as my first three projects.

I hope to demonstrate how anyone can use the web effectively to build and promote a small business. I am certainly not young, I shy away from mirrors, the only thing thin about me is my hair, no one laughs harder than me at my jokes, and people who know me will assure you that I’m no genius, but I hope to accomplish what’s stated above in a way that makes other people think, “if this [insert your favorite condescending put down] can do it, well, by-golly, so can I!”

Selecting an Online Moneymaker

To begin, my objective is to find the starting line. What products and services am I considering? Where will I begin… What comes first… Those are some of the questions that need to be answered. Meanwhile this site needs work. After I figure out where to start I’ll put up a mailing list and add some articles to compare self hosting a WordPress site vs a free landing page or blog. Next time.